DREW BWT-3 - Boiler Water Treatment
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DREW BWT-3 - Boiler Water Treatment

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DREWTM BWT-3 - Boiler Water Treatment


DREW BWT-3 boiler water treatment is easily applied to protect low-pressure (up to 32 kg/cm2 or 450 psig) auxiliary and exhaust gas economizer boilers from scale and corrosion. It is used in conjunction with DREW BWT-4 boiler water treatment that protects boilers from low pH condensate corrosion.



Sludge conditioning

Sludge is easily removed by blowdown

Easy-to-use and feed


Simple to control

Minimal testing time required

Application and Use

Feeding: DREW BWT-3 boiler water treatment should be dosed continuously to the boiler system by means of the DREW BWT Dosing System. Dose to the feedwater line downstream of the feedwater recirculation offtake, which returns water to the hotwell or cascade tank. DREW BWT-3 treatment should be diluted with distilled water or condensate in the dosage tank and dosed continuously over a 24-hour period or in keeping with system demands.

Chemical dosage depends on the system capacity, the purity and quality of condensate returns and the amount of makeup to the system.

The recommended initial dose of DREW BWT-3 boiler water treatment is 2.5 to 5 liters per ton of water in the boiler system. For normal systems, the routine daily dosage of the product is generally 1 liter per ton of distilled makeup water. Very large systems or those with unusual operating conditions may have proportionately higher chemical requirements.

Testing: DREW BWT-3 boiler water treatment dosage and blowdown are controlled by simple boiler water tests. Testing for hydrate alkalinity in the boiler water controls the DREW BWT-3 dosage. Testing for neutralized conductivity in the boiler water controls the blowdown. For details on the testing procedures, refer to the DREW BWT-3 boiler water treatment and DREW BWT-4 boiler water treatment control and dosage chart or contact your local Drew Marine representative.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Dark Brown Liquid

Specific Gravity at 25° C (77° F): 1.166

Flash Point (PMCC): None

pH (neat): 14.0


DREW BWT-3 boiler water treatment is normally available in 25-liter containers.

Important Information

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